Guide to getting on the Net

The process of getting your company on the internet is reliant on several factors:

1) User Specific Purpose or USP – what is it meant to do? Your site may be just an online brochure to inform the public of your services and products; it may be an informational resource or it may be an on-line store where consumers can purchase your services and products using e-commerce. Know what what you site is going to do before you get started.

2) Web-site Design. Plain black text on a white background may give all the information required, but it won’t be as effective as a colourful interactive design that keeps the user interested. Pages need to look enticing and captivating without being outlandish or too artsy. A good balance of design and content will help create a more effective site.

3) Content. It’s one thing to want a website, but it’s another to have something worthwhile to put on it. Contrary to the previous point, content can be more important than design. News services on the web are often only text based- purely because the content is all that matters. A web developer can sell you a site but it’s totally worthless if you don’t have anything to say with it.

4) Web-Hosting. You may already have access to the internet with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), but who is going to host your website. There are many companys available, mostly ISP’s who have various packages available that can include Domain Names and other Mail services. We have our own recommendations, however we suggest you shop around for the best price.

5) Advertising. A clever domain name like will help people find you online, however you still need to let your customers know about your website and where to find it. Effective use of other media avenues like print, radio & TV is essential to drive traffic to your website.

6) Search Engine Optimisation. Most people use Google or similar search engines these days to find services online. You need to make sure your domain name and webpages have the right kind of keywords, links and other unique features that are search engine friendly to ensure your site is listed  high in a users’ search results.

7) Updating. If you sell products then its likely you will have a price list. You don’t want to be advertising last years prices so you will need to keep your website up-to-date. Not just the content, but sometimes the design and look of your site may need a make-over. It will help you to keep up with the times – besides it makes users feel that you are still in business.