Philanthropy starts at Home

We all have certain charities, causes and not-for-profit organisations that we go out of our way to support and there are others that we graciously decline. For me, given my background in Naval Architecture, its Maritime History, and late last year I became a volunteer of the Sydney Heritage Fleet otherwise known as the Sydney Maritime Museum.

As a volunteer I can offer services in all manner of areas including deckhands, tour guides, hospitality, shipwrights, carpenters, general labourers, rigging, painting, welding, riveting, restoration and clerical roles as well. Given I have a full day-time job and a young family at home, sparing time to assist in any of these roles is quite difficult, so I’ve turned to doing what I do best – Website design & development.

So through this philanthropic gesture, Mammoth Technology has been engaged to provide an update site for the International Maritime Museum Congress – a not-for-profit self-supporting international organisation for maritime museums all over the world to come together and share mutually beneficial research and standards for maritime preservation.

Additionally, in March I will be travelling to Mannum South Australia for the 2011 Australian Maritime Museum Conference where I will be presenting a paper on how Museums can connect with Visitors online and on-site with a focus on how technology can assist. I’ll be talking about a few new technologies and some old ones – e.g. Free Online CMS solutions, QR and RFID tags, Augmented Reality Applications, Interactive “Surface” like interfaces, and the “real thing”. I’ve spoken to some staff from some of the top Museums in Sydney and there is definitely a trend towards these sorts of technologies, however the real obstacle to adoption of these technologies will be the limited funding to many of the smaller not-for-profit museums that dot the country.

It really is up to each and everyone of us to commit time and support to our “special interests”. Wether it be a Museum, a charity or even the local school canteen, these organisations cannot sustain their existence let alone technological advancement without the thousands of volunteer that help to keep them running.

Use the following links for more information on how you can volunteer at the Sydney Heritage Fleet or your local organisation. Every little bit helps.

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