Mammoth contributes to Open Source Community

Mammoth continues to pursue the latest in web technology utilising the best products and tools that the webs open source community has to offer.

Some recent projects have highlighted the advantages of using the .NET framework and, but in particular, the use of open source ‘starter kits’. Why re-create something that has already been done by someone else before? This allows for an overall reduction in cost to deliver, and facilitates creativity by allowing additional features to be created that can enhance a users online experience.

For more information on .NET example starter kits, go to:

Microsoft Starter Kits and Community Projects

One particular open source starter kit Dash Commerce is especially worth mentioning as I have been working with it extensively over the last 12 months. Dash Commerce provides you with enough of a structure to get you started and lets you figure out how to take it to the next level. It comes with Provider-based classes that can easily be ‘plugged-in’ to enable new or altered functionality.

One great example of this functionality is the coupon based system. Out of the box, the site will allow you to create a code that can be used to get a discount off of your shopping cart’s sub total. If, however, you want a coupon that can only apply discounts to an individual product or perhaps any products that are within a particular category or made by a particular manufacturer, the developer can simply extend the base coupon class and create a new coupon ‘provider’ that calculates the discount based on a different set of parameters.

Mammoth, having already gone to these lengths, has built, tested and implemented some such Coupon Providers and has provided them back into the Open Source Community (currently under review with Dash Commerce).

For developers looking for any such types of coupon provider classes, feel free to contact me directly, or check out the Dash Commerce website for updates.

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