Reubenstein is Here

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the web…BANG! Reubenstein hits you with a one liner that will either keep you in stitches or keep the tears swelling up for months.

Joel Reubenstein, one of this decades most prolific writers has entered the world wide web with a website to broadcast his art to the world.

Joel has already been published and apart from a very quick wit, is also an extremely refined journalist and speech writer. He has opinions on everything from Religion, to Sex & Politics; sometimes all at once!

Thanks to the work of Mammoth Technology, is now his outlet to the world.

Look forward to the frequent updates and movie reviews.

Mammoth goes Behind the Scenes

Mammoth Technology has continued its expansion into film-making with another short film titled “Polaroid Pursuits”.

This time round though, Mammoth had a 2nd film crew shooting behind the scenes to capture the film making process and the effort spent by over 30 professionals.

Cameraman, Jolyon Ansuz commented “It’s easy for people to enjoy a short film and never realise just how much effort goes into making a 7 minute film.” He said “the Behind the Scenes documentary really captures everyone’s contribution to the film and helps to highlight why film making is such a time-consuming process. You clearly need to be passionate about it, like Michael is in order to stick it out “.

“Polaroid Pursuits” and its documentary “A Snapshot Behind the Scenes” are currently being submitted to local and international film festivals with the possibility of the films eventually being aired on commercial TV. Keep an eye out for them.

View “Polaroid Pursuits” on YouTube at:

Mammoth Movie Making

Mammoth Technology continues to broaden its horizons with its first foray into film-making. In collaboration with, Sydney-based author and television producer, Joel Reubenstein, Mammoth produced, shot and edited “Who’s Your Daddy?”

“Who’s Your Daddy is a window into the intimate lives of seemingly disconnected characters and the many stories that bear witness to their souls and beings. One thread runs through those lives. One character sees all. One journey. One day. One film.”

In 2004 Mammoth Technology expanded its core function of web development and design and moved into video production. Mammoth offers a number of cost-effective and dynamic video solutions for both the corporate and private market.

View “Who’s Your Daddy?” on YouTube now at:

New Nova IT website goes live!

After completing Adaptra’s highly successful website, Mammoth Technology has been asked to provide a new site for it’s sister company – Nova IT.

“We just loved the job Michael and his team did before with Adaptra, so we figured we’d stay with someone we trust.” said Steve Dawson, regarding the construction of the new Nova IT website.

Mammoth technology Director, Michael Hall, said “Mammoth Technology has a history of delivering quality sites that not only generate traffic and visitors, but also provide an easy-to-use interface for the client to update the content, keeping the site looking fresh and interesting.”

Steve hopes that this new site will help generate new interest amongst IT professionals and corporate clients.